The Vip Coaching Session


The Vip Coaching Session Overview

Includes everything in the Discovery Session, e.g,

The VIP Coaching Session is all about you and nailing your finances by:

Just like a personal trainer at a gym, Francisco Campos (your coach) gives you expert guidance, cheers you on, and holds you accountable to make real progress with your finances.

Rest assured, we’ve seen it all (the good, the bad and the ugly) so let us give you financial clarity today.

*** Just Taking Action Puts You Ahead of 99% of People***

Change begins with the reflection you stare at daily!!

Change Starts Now, By being…


Smile often, exercise active listening, and be an encouragement to others. Master your body language.


Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty. Laziness is cancerous. Adopt the ‘Go-Getter’ mentality.

Action Driven

Take charge of the situation. Leads from the front. Assumes risk after researching facts.


Be honest. Stand up consistently for what is good and right even when it is unseen or unpopular. Adopt to the needs of those around you.


Be respectful of others and yourself. Embrace morals and values. Understand true kindness.


Eliminate procrastination, adopt time management skill, and master productivity. Embody the ‘There is no such thing as failure’ mentality.

***Don’t Sleep on it. Unlock Your Potential Now***

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“Influence Positive Change is a veteran-owned and operated, coaching agency that services the community in promoting positive change. This is accomplished through empowering, inspiring and motivating individuals towards their better selves, using multiple strategies embracing CBT and NLP techniques and practices.”

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